Efficient software solutions for the telecom industry

Due to a constant development of dark fibre technology, carriers as well as suppliers of mobile phone services need an effective software solution for their CRM and Billing. With varioSuite, dimari offers a modular CRM- and Billing system. More than 24 modules ensure a high automation. Daily, we work on new features and upgrades.

 Provider switch and customers connection


With varioShop, your customers can arrange their individual packages.  The Customer Service  receives the information  instantly, and can verify the provider switch via WBCI.

Order products and tariffs online


Via varioOnline, your end customers can perform bandwith- and product- upgrades easily and directly.
The chosen product selection is automatically recorded in varioCRM.

Customer statement about dimari


The software solution varioSuite of dimari inspires all  telecommunication businesses, small, medium, and large. Here, Antec of Germany reports its positive experience.


By focusing on the essentials, our customers are empowered to make the right decisions. Together, we analyze your potential, work out strategies, and provide solutions for your business.


Efficient processes between you and your clients are the key to success. varioSuite offers a modular software solution for CRM, ERP, and Billing.


Our customers benefit from our years of experience in the industry. We offer outsourcing services for your Telco billing in addition to traditional consulting and support.

The Corporation

For the past 15 years, dimari has been successfully developing software products for the telecom industry. With our CRM and Billing Solution varioSuite™, carriers as well as suppliers of mobile phone services benefit from a very flexible and modular solution.

Beginning with the marketing and distribution strategy, the online and CRM modules of dimari support customer retention significantly. Interfaces to accounting and to the billing system simplify the billing and the accounts receivable management. Through the administration of resources, Telco lines and the associated hardware can easily be managed. Ticketing- and workflow components are integrated into the software as well.

dimari developed a competitive software solution, tailored to the customer’s needs. Being implemented quickly and innovatively, it allows market expansion and competitiveness.

Invest into the future of your business!