Mobile industry

Mobile Communications

The mobile industry is a highly dynamic and competitive market. Innovative tariffs and products are crucial, both to win and to retain customers.

Business models in the mobile industry based around prepaid, postpaid and enterprise customers require a flexible software solution. varioSuite uniformly satisfies the special requirements. It integrates easily with your existing systems. Also, it can simply be configured to support your business processes.

Pre-prepared interfaces for GSM network elements are available to implement a variety of customer transactions (Provisioning, Activation, Barring, …) and to control external networks. Complex provisioning procedures can be quickly and clearly configured. They can support practically any network configuration.

The invoice process is straightforward. Your customers are kept abreast of current country rates around the world, around the clock. They can readily settle their accounts by credit card.

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Use varioSuite™ for:

  • Pre- and Postpaid invoicing in a single system
  • „Change country notification“ – Keep customers abreast of current tariffs around the world, around the clock
  • Credit cards are supported with the integrated credit card payment interface
  • Secure payment procedure guaranteed with integrated fraud control
  • Simple VoIP Invoicing

Community tariffs

Attractive offers secure competitive advantage. Connecting landline and mobile communication community tariffs allow companies, friends and families to make calls for special tariffs in set zones.