Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre Technology

As telecommunications providers expand their broadband networks with dark fibre, customers in outlying start to enjoy high performance access to the World Wide Web. Dark fibre Optics require Switch- and Software- Systems that are designed for them.

dimari has assembled an optimal, modular solution including:

  • Turnkey Switch- and Software- Systems for Telephony and Internet
  • Outsourcing Service for your Network and Customer Service
  • Management Consultancy and Strategic Planning

Take advantage of the knowledge of our experienced consultants for your broadband expansion.


FTTH Port Registry Management

An automated system allows keeping track of development statuses of the subcontractors. Through a web interface a subcontractor can access varioResource and update statuses. Thus network operators can organize internal processes and set-up marketing activities.

An individual Resource Management can include the following features:

  • Administrate and manage passive components
  • Management of exploitation areas and monitor current statuses
  • Forward initial orders to subcontractors
  • Flexible access control
  • Individual data model