Server components


Effective Billing with varioBill

varioBill is an open, easy-to-use and highly scalable billing solution for telecommunication carriers and providers. Our product maps the Telco specific business processes, supports your customer management effectively, and handles your billing safely and reliably.

The flexible design of products and tariffs ensures the billing of a nearly unlimited number of services. With XML technology, you are independent from producers and suppliers.


varioRate evaluates the call data and displays it into the varioRate-Data base.

It reads the call data from the entry file and determines the related customer on the basis of the call number of the related customers, contracts and tariffs from the varioBill data base.


varioBillRun is a process, serves the invoice generation, and booking. With this tool, it is possible to generate documents in any format, with aggregation of call data.

varioBillRun generates and transfers invoices and itemized bills into the document archive. Different billing groups can be retrieved and conducted separately in the BillRun.


varioCommissioning is a system for the commissioning of agencies, who have completed contracts of special products. In addition, credits and fees of agencies are billed through varioCommissioning. Settings of the commissioning are performed in varioCRM.