Service components


To convert all data into an internal or external data format, we have developed the module varioMediate. It communicates between the different data worlds and enables a simple configuration and efficient controlling of processes. varioMediate can be applied in any industry sector.

Especially globale mobile phone providers having their headquarters abroad are challenged, when the issue of allocating customer data to the Bundesnetzagentur (kurz: BnetzA) arises. German customer data must be allocated in a specific format to the BnetzA.

We offer a converting service correspondent to the regulation requirements. The data will be provided by a safe server in Germany.

  • Automated collection, conversion and allocation of data
  • High performance with high data volume
  • Control of the processing progress
  • Simple and intuitive serviceability and configuration
  • Scalable multi-threaded architechture


This module automates work flows and procedures. It serves as an import of available data from external sources in the XML-format into the data base of varioSuite. varioTransaction is concipated, to execute any event controlled Import/Export-procedures (automated). Hereby, you have the option to execute these processes as transactions.



varioDoc is the tool within varioSuite for the generation of documents. The extent of functions also covers special forms of data exchange-interfaces to foreign systems, and also the import and update of data in the data benches of varioSuite.