Web components

Gain customers with our online modules

Web components create a connection between customers, businesses, and service partners.

The customer management becomes transparent, contract- and user data can be displayed online, and new products can be ordered. The online access of sales staff and technicians simplify internal processes. With the web components, new customers and contracts can be added, credit checks obtained, and customers informed via order status.

Benefits for marketing and sales:

  • Simple operations with a user friendly interface
  • Flexible and configurable solutions
  • Automatic, seamless business processes
  • Simple Integration
  • Personal technical support

The components are individually tailored to your business processes, and integrate harmoniously into a complete solution. The modules can be used separately, or in combination.

Customer retention can be easy with varioShop!


With varioWeb, your sales partners get direct access to all customer- and lead data. In addition, they can generate and register new customers or leads directly. The wizard for a faster and comfortable customer registration is an indispensable tool for agencies and agents. The data can be registered comfortably on a mobile device, and further edited in varioCRM.



Each customer can retrieve his personal data through an access code. The Online portal offers your end customer a precise overview of his personal data, such as invoices, itemized bills, and deposits. You decide, which data can be retrieved by the user.


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Your personal web shop: Integrated into your individual Corporate Identity, the customer buys your products through this channel. The customer chooses his own tariff and additional add ons. The customer data and the chosen products will be transferred automatically into the CRM, and are accessible for further processing. As soon as the customer sends the information, you can contact him directly.


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With mobile apps, customers get an overview of their booked products at all times. This way, customer data, call- or payment information can be seen securely. With varioMobile, you can enhance customer self-care to mobile end devices, such as smart phones, tablets, etc.

With this mobile service, customers can:

  • retrieve customer-, invoice- and payment information
  • review current call data
  • conduct product-upgrades

The design is optimized for a smaller display, and supports the general touch-handling of mobile devices. Independently from the system platform, a link to a smart meter is possible. Through cascading stylesheets (CSS), the user surface can be adjusted easily to your own corporate design.



Simplify the distribution of technical components and hardware products. This mobile logistic solution allows direct access to your inventory. If a customer orders an internet connection, including a hardware tool, e.g. a modem, the order will be organized automatically with varioFulfillment.

This way, you have control over your inventory at all times.