varioSuite Software Solution

Focusing on the essentials

Today’s market conditions demand innovation and flexibility from businesses in response to customer requirements. Increasingly, Telco providers offer additional products and services, such as mobile telephony and community tariffs, alongside classic telephony.

dimari’s innovative software solutions address this need directly. In addition, we work with our partners to provide made-to-measure Business solutions to consolidate and increase their market advantage. And varioSuite scales and evolves along with your business.

Client Components
  • Customer Management and Sales Tool

  • $0/mo
    • Customer-Relationship-Management
    • Contracting
    • Invoicing
    • Reporting and workflow components

Server Components
  • Flexible Billing of all Products

  • $0/mo
    • Products and Tariffs
    • Billing
    • Rating
    • Provisioning
    • Online Billing

Client Components
  • Technical Resources well-managed

  • $0/mo
    • Accesses and Infrastructure
    • Individual Resource Hierarchy
    • Technical Components and Hardware
    • Technical Activation

Web Components
  • E-commerce to attract Customers

  • $0/mo
    • Online Sales
    • Web Shop and Customer Login
    • Sales Partner Interface
    • Mobile Logistical Solution